Sierra Design Mfg Inc. formerly Sierra Products (Dry Launch®) was started from scratch 28 years ago when we Patented and successfully Marketed the very first "Air Trapping” Boat Trailer Light, which has proven to represent the most practical way of solving Boat Trailer Corrosion and Bulb "Popping” problems. At the same time we added our "no tools required” features using a …"through the bottom"…Snap In/Out Bulb Slide arrangement. Since then, we find that these Unique Vehicle Lighting Designs also work very well in all kinds of "Tough Duty" and Hot and Cold weather applications.

 We have become Experts in innovative Designs and in Tooling and Molding Lexan® (Polycarbonate), not only for Boat Trailer Lighting, but for all kinds of Trailer, RV and Trucking Applications as well. More recently, we have begun offering Lighting made from "less expensive” Acrylics for existing Domestic Vehicle Lighting Applications. 


 Since our beginning, we’ve specialized in using Tough! GE Lexan® Polycarbonate in all of our Lenses and Bulb Slides, in some cases, in our Light’s Bodies as well. OEMs and Distributors will tell you that they save enough money in Shipping and Handling Breakage (and grief) to more than pay for the slight difference that Lexan® costs over Competitors’ Acrylic Lights.